He Knew to make you NEW

Beloved of God, I have good news. Regardless of your situation, circumstances, regardless of how bad things look all round you. There is good news, and there is an answer. We’ve all made mistakes in life, let’s jus face it we’ve all messed up and sinned; and the mess we were in before we tried to make things better made things even worse. Regardless of whatever addiction, regardless of our brokenness, God made provision for us. His name is JESUS, if you think no one knows what you going thru and the depths of your pain and suffering. Jesus knows because he KNEW…, 2 Cor 5:21 tells us that he who knew no sin became sin for us. He was tempted beyond belief, but sinned not, he carried our brokenness, our heart ache, our turmoil, our issues with self esteem and abandonment, our sickness and disease and took it right up to Calvary. He took our problems right up to Calvary, and as He hung on a tree, our problems and sin hung on the tree. His blood cleansed our mess to make way for the answer, and when he got up out of the grave He brought the answer with Him. Praise God, and if that wasn’t good enough the proclaimed in His word I want to give the hookup. He said Cast All you Cares Upon me for I care for YOU.. God just won’t take something¬† from you without giving something. God’s word says “Every good and perfect gift comes from above the Father of Lights…”. I want to share something with you so precious, and dear to me, when you release those things you may hold dear because they are familiar, but in reality they are a cancer to you. When you release it, God fills your hands with His best….

Remember God has already made provision for your life; HE KNEW TO MAKE YOU NEW, Release those things that are killing you, and bringing you so much sorrow, and embrace the love, joy and peace God has for you through Jesus His precious son; by calling on the sweet and wonderful name of Jesus. it’s as simple as Jesus I need you, He will answer and make a way.

God Is Good, and He Loves YOU…

Pastor Overall